Cornell AppDev, 2019 to 2022

President / Swift, XCode, Java


Cornell AppDev is an engineering project team of 50 to 60 members, spanning software development, design, and marketing disciplines. At its core, AppDev is a place where members solve problems through building apps, and share industry knowledge through four 2-credit S/U student-led courses.

My experience with the team involved app development (SP19 - FA20), lecturing for the iOS course as an instructor (SP21), and leading the team as Team Lead (FA21 - SP22).

My Journey#

I first joined AppDev my freshman spring as an iOS developer, after taking the iOS course in the fall. As someone who was always drawn towards visuals, there was a certain joy from transforming designs to apps that people could actually interact with - almost like giving an artwork life!

For my first few semesters, I got the opportunity to work on iOS, Android, and Web, developing features for 5 apps:

  1. New App (Spring 2019) - building a mobile order ahead for a local restaurant
  2. Eatery (Fall 2019) - adding wait times for dining halls
  3. Uplift (Spring 2020) - improving value through pickup games and sports
  4. Pollo (Fall 2020) - integrating Cornell SSO
  5. Coursegrab (Fall 2020) - implementing timezones for ease of use during enrollment season

Of course, we're not always building 24/7, and occasionally have fun with our picnics at Stewart Park!

In the spring of my junior year, I took on a leadership role as iOS instructor while on leave (from Cornell) doing a co-op with Apple. One of my (now fulfilled) goals was to revamp the projects and lectures of CS 1998: Intro to iOS Development with my co-instructor Gonzalo Gonzalez. If you're a student snooping around and wondering how you can learn app development, I highly recommend checking out our courses!

The following year, I served as the Team Lead of AppDev, with two amazing co-leads, Alanna Zhou (FA21) and Tedi Mitiku (SP22). During then, we defined roadmaps to strengthen our team's core experiences - pods and courses. As one of my predecessors likes to say, the rest is still unwritten...


Our team is a bit too big to list, but here's the group of lovely people I graduated with!